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Total and partial body massages


Choose from our wide variety of massage therapies.

HöflehnerNatur Signature Treatments

HöflehnerNatur alpine rose butter total body relaxation massage
Handmade Höflehner alpine rose butter smoothens and softens the skin. It regulates the skin’s own balance of the moister level combined with a excellent scent.
25 minutes: € 44,-

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HöflehnerNatur hay flower liver compress and foot reflexology
Hay flower liver compress and foot reflexology have a preventing effect and tone the body’s self-healing process.
45 minutes: € 57,-

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Höflehner balance for the soul

25 minutes: € 43,-

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HöflehnerNatur intensive Swiss stone pine regeneration back treatment

Enjoy this individual and intensive regeneration back treatment – individually defined. Coordinated components and special massage techniques combined by Höflehner’s exquisite natural Swiss stone pine oil provide a long-lasting depth effect.
50 minutes: € 71,-

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Dorn-Breuss Treatment

A gentle form of therapy , when with light thumb pressure misalignments of vertebrae and joints are treated while the patient's muscles are in motion .
50 minutes : € 75, -

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Breuss massage

back massage with oil

 25 minutes : € 43, -

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Beneficial impulses for pure relaxation

Just let go – our partial body massage or total body massage – depending on your request.
partial body massage 25 minutes: € 41,-
total body massage 50 minutes: € 71,-

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Natural beauty – facial lymphatic drainage

The facial lymphatic drainage provides tender care for your tired eyes and puffiness under eyes. Experience the gentle process of removing the blockade of your body tissue and the amazing result of such a gentle process. Enjoy that treatment wrapped in a blanket, inclusive a cherry pit cushion.
25 minutes: € 41,-

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Honey massage

This massage has a long tradition in many cultures and is primarily used for detoxification of the body.
25 minutes: € 43,-

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HöflehnerNatur alpine rose peeling massage

Soothing total body care with HöflehnerNatur alpine rose peeling massage. Peeling and care all in one. A pleasure for body and mind.
25 minutes: € 44,-

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HöflehnerNatur anti-stress massage and Stretch

For persons with sedentary activities – tensed neck muscles by providing Höflehner’s regenerative natural Swiss stone pine oil. The thoracic spine and tenses of the shoulders are treated as well.
25 minutes: € 43,-

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Aromatic oil massage

Experience with all your senses the healing effect of our 100 percent natural essential oils. Discover the magic of fragrance and choose your favourite one.
25 minutes: € 43,-

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Höflehners stamp massage

My favourite treatment – recommended by Katrin Höflehner
Herbal pouches are dipped into 140° degree Celsius. This process is accompanied with gently sliding hands. Such herbal stamps are just for a fraction of a second onto the skin. So that no skin receptors send information to the brain. But long enough to remove the uppermost skin layer and activate cell growth regeneration.

partial body massage 25 minutes: € 54,-
total body massage 50 minutes: € 98,-

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The soil beneath your feet

 Foot reflexology combined with beneficial footbath with a special blend of herbs.
45 minutes: € 57,-

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Gentle hands – lymph drainage

The soft motions of the therapist make your legs feel lighter and give you deep relaxation.
50 minutes: € 70,-

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Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones slide over your skin with aromatic oils. The combination of gentle massage and effective warmness is a miracle cure against hardenings. The hot stone massage causes deepest relaxation.
50 minutes: € 80,-
75 minutes: € 99,-

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